Design Museum Holon
Client:  Holon Municipality with  the Holon Economic Corporation
Cost: 1.5 million NIS
Year of Completion: 2009 
Buildung Architect: Ron Arad

Planned by the designer Ron Arad, the Museum of Design is located in the city of
Holon nearby the Mediateque, flanked by high rise residential buildings, and the Holon Shopping Mall. Our aim in the landscaping was to strengthen and enrich the built environment’s urban character. The planning for the City Square frames the space by creating a doubled boulevard at the east, a bounded strip of hilly grass at
the south, and a framed design pavilion marking the northern edge. The design pavilion, functions both as a window into the museum exhibitions, and a stage during festivals and events. We’ve developed an idiom of design inspired by the amorphous edifice made of corten steel that enwraps two exhibition cubes. Both the lawn and the paths reinforce the museum’s language of the ‘winding tape’ into twisting walkways and wavy greens. The trails and buttresses are accentuated by rigid materials – steel edges casted with pebbles or terrazzo that foreground the soft lawn.      TeMA