Gayassot Square & Sayarim Square

Client: Tel Aviv Municipality by Ahuzot Hachof Ltd. 
Area: 2 Dunam
Cost: 1 Million NIS
Year of Completion: 2002 

Though the Yad Eliyah neighborhood in Tel Aviv-Yafo is imbued with public parks and play areas, these places are intended almost exclusively for toddlers and young children. We therefore sought to design a space that will cater to the needs of borough’s adolescents. The Gaiassot square was dedicated to the game of ping pong. Designed on the basis of the surrounding parking alignment, the square’s surface extended this array’s existing

markings while alternating between strips of grass and colorful blue rubber castings. Ping pong tables were placed on the rubber slabs, paralleled by a lush row of violet jacaranda trees. The sequence of tables impresses a notion of shifting between a practice court to an official competition. An elongated bench for rest or spectatorship was placed alongside a nearby bomb shelter. The Sayarim Square harbors five enormous ficus trees. Its design included amorphous wooden surfaces that encircle the trees’ trunks and serve at once as stages and as benches for play, rest, and congregation.