Zameret Park
In the past few years a new neighborhood at the eastern edge of the city of Tel-Aviv has been developed. The neighborhood, named "Zameret" has been created in an extreme density that includes fourteen skyscrapers, a small shopping mall with an adjacent office tower, and a future school. The backbone of the neighborhood relies on a linear landscape core, planted with a large variety of indigenous forest trees shadowing stylized grass mountains. This "green river", connects both the pedestrian and the underground parking entrances to each of the fourteen high rise buildings, which inhabit 1,750 housing units. The green river is further enriched with biological fountains, playgrounds and sculptures while being framed and contained by an architectural pergola. The pergola functions as a scale mediator between the high rises and the pedestrians. At the north and at the south of the neighborhood two plazas have been developed, adding an urban scale to the neighborhood, while making place for impromptu gathering.