The Cultural Square in Ashdod

Client: Ashdod Municipality
Area: 24 dunam
Cost: 25 million
Year: in progress
 Building Architect: Haim Dotan

A cluster of squares in Ashdod’s cultural center creates an urban open public
landscape that binds the city’s main public facilities; the City Hall, the Cultural
Center, the public library, Beit Yad Lebanim, and the Monart Museum. Enabling continuous pedestrian flow between buildings situated on varying levels, with the addition of pavilions featuring cafes and stores, it will assure a lively and coherent urban existence. This ensemble of squares together with the sloping back park
allows for the development of a unique character for each area. The Culture Center’s front entrance includes a geometrical biological pool and a tree grove, the Central Square contains a performance stage and a cafe, the square nearby City Hall houses various public events, and the park connects the seaside promenade with the Cultural Center. This continuum creates a true city attraction, together with the planned public buildings and pavilions it will offer Ashdod an opportunity to establish a true city center.