Leumi Mane House

Client: Bank Leumi
Cost: One million NIS
Project completion year: 2005
Area: 500 square meters
Building Architect: Kaizer Kaizer Lakner

The sixth floor of Bank Leumi’s high rise headquarters includes a rooftop
garden for the benefit of the employees. The garden’s design in terms of
substance and form mirrors various components of the bank’s financial
operations. Its geometrical shapes simulate business performance figures,

representing an abstraction of the bank's profits curve in the year 2004. An elongated wooden bench placed in the center of the garden transforms midway, slopes, then stretches into a deck floor replete with zig-zagging high and low points - as in a financial graph. The bench is flanked with a stainless steel canal where water trickles at intervals measured accordingly to the graph’s grade scale. An annual flower garden aligns the canal, adding a colorful backdrop to the garden.