Client: Gav Yam Ltd.
Area: 3 dunams
Cost: 5 million NIS
Year of completion: 2008 
Building Architect: Moshe Zur

The Gav Yam office complex is located in Herzliya Pituach’s industrial zone between
Shenkar Street and Highway two. The buildings were planned by the Moshe Tsur
Architects office and consist of three levels that bridge the height gap between the two
flanking roads. These levels create a continuum of three plazas that serve employees and visitors as pathways to the buildings as well as spaces for gathering,

meeting, rest, and lunch breaks. Heightening elements from a Japanese garden vocabulary, each plaza was characterized by its own unique material and sound, in accordance with its purpose and location.Designed as a bamboo thicket replete with sitting stones and a reflection pool, the lower plaza serves as both resting place and access to the commercial facade that is located in its rear. The central plaza harbors a gushing water fountain enlivened by a bamboo-textured cascade, while an elongated bench at the foot of the pool provides for a view of the water on the one side, and an entrance gathering on the other. The gush of water deafens the other surrounding urban sounds. Seen from both the offices and the highway is a huge artificial pebble situated in the highest plaza, which doubles as a large urban sofa serving chiefly for observation and rest. Here the space is filled with the tumult of the nearby traffic.