Gan Yaakov, Tel Aviv

Client: Tel Aviv Municipality Ahuzot Hachof Ltd.
Cost: 9 million NIS
Year of completion: 2010
Area: 6 dunams

Gan Yaacov was conceived by Rechter Zarhy Peri architects in collaboration with the city's landscape architect Avraham Karavan in 1963. The garden was conceived as the architectural urbanistic continuation of the F.R. Mann Auditorium and the Helena Rubinstein art gallery. Around the central motif of three ancient and untouchable sycamore trees, a whole system of levels made it possible to connect in a natural flow, through ramps, stairs, planted sloping areas, the foyer of the concert hall with the main square and the surrounding roads.
Today, passersby coming from Chen boulevard enter the garden through a flight of steps and find themselves drawn up by a bridge towards the second floor. While the second floor may offer an enticing view of the plaza from above, this position disorient

many. The renewal of Gav Yaacov included the restoration of its historical elements, while offering a new path that better connects Chen and Rothchild boulevards through it.The restoration of Gan Yaacov encompassed all of its three levels; the ground floor, the second floor and the suspended pergola. The ground floor works included the removal of all foreign plants, followed by the replanting of all original species. A new fountain was redesigned within the contours of the original design, crossed by a new path. The second floor suffered from waterproofing failures and required the removal of all the paving, the renewal of all waterproofing layers and repaving. The suspended pergola was the most complex and delicate endeavors. It included a massive work of concrete repair and restoration of three different kinds of plaster that were originally employed. Finally, one of the most anticipated additions to the garden has been the illumination of its entire structure. As the renewed cultural center is mostly visited and experienced by night, it is important that Gan Yaacov will become and integral player of what will be undoubtedly made known as an illuminated gem.